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OOAK Creation - One-of-a-kind handmade ceramics



In this collection, the colour scheme is kept organic and minimal, giving a prime role to the clay to express itself. Each precisely carved lines reflect a moment of meditation and serene concentration, inviting to find tranquillity in the rhythmic regularity of the pattern. The exterior of each piece is deliberately left unglazed to further highlight the tactile aspect of the piece brought by the bare clay.

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All my products are handmade in my Greenwich garden studio. My glazes and slips are my own personal recipes. They are applied by either pouring, dipping or brushing. Movement is often added so that they cover the piece with various drips, transparencies and even cracks sometime. "Happy" accidents are welcomed and in my opinion, are inherent to handmade products.

Each piece is unique and when a piece is offered as a small batch or within a collection, small variations among the pieces of a same set are to be expected.

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All pieces are handmade and therefore measurements are only indicative. All pieces are unique and therefore small variations in finish/colour/size/shape often happen between two similar looking pieces, especially those created as part of an ensemble. The shop will feature as many photographs as possible in the description of each piece, so my customer get a precise idea before ordering. But photographs do not reflect exactly the reality. Please be aware of this before placing an order.

Sometimes, the piece you are sent will NOT be the piece shown on the website, but it will be a very similar looking one. I try not to embellish the photographs featured in the shop, but the real colour of each piece can sometimes be slightly different than the one on the photograph. Those variations in aspect are not considered flaws, but rather contribute to the organic character and unicity of each piece.


Unless otherwise stated, all the clays and glazes I use for functional items and tableware are lead-free and food safe. All functional pieces are fired to temperatures exceeding 1200C, making them strong and perfect for everyday use. They can be washed in the dishwasher and micro-waved, but I would strongly recommend not to, just like you wouldn't put in the washing machine your favourite pricy designer garment. So, try to hand wash as much as you can, to preserve the longevity of your OOAK piece. Some glazes can crack or mark over time, especially if the item is used repetitively. This is absolutely normal wear and tear, and belongs to the piece's own life and history.

Nothing lasts,
Nothing is finished,
And nothing is perfect.

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