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I am Flora, a French potter or mudbaker, as I like to define myself. I find inspiration in natural forms and wabi-sabi aesthetic philosophy. I like to work around organic lines and muted colours, with a strong focus on functionality. Simple, serene and soulful, all my pieces are slowmade, often ash-glazed and electric fired from my garden studio in Greenwich (London, UK).

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OOAK Creation logo - One-of-a-kind handmade ceramics
Japanese Yunomi cup with hakeme brushwork

"Over the years, I’ve developed a strong connection to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. I am constantly learning to welcome acceptance, transience, and imperfection in my work: there is beauty to be admired in every flaw."

"I believe that we, potters, have a duty to promote the concept of eco-herence, or coherent sustainability, through mindful practices and ecocaring working habits. As an example of those little gestures which can make a difference, since I started selling my pots online, I have tried to avoid plastic as a ceramic wrapping staple. I have embraced eco-friendly recyclable packaging materials, so don't be surprised if you receive your next order, wrapped in recycled papers and cardboard boxes."


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"Thanks Flora for those gorgeous pieces. Everything is perfect, the colours, the finishes, the textures."”

Olivia, France

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Flora Fabris in her pottery studio

"My main source of inspiration comes from nature, the one I grew up around in Southwest of France, where the mountains meet the waters. My preference goes to simple patterns and shapes with an organic twist, natural colours, muted tones and tactile textures. I like to incorporate foraged or waste materials in my make: it can be dry grasses bundled in a brush to apply slip with the hakeme method, wood-ashes which I incorporate in my glazes or a wild clay, foraged down a river bed to apply as a brushed-on engobe."

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