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Black ceramic Kintsugi Christmas ornament in the shape of a droplet.


Handmade in black stoneware, they are painted with golden gilding enamel to simulate the kintsugi repair lines found on ceramics repaired with this Japanese technique.


Since they are not glazed, they can also be used as a scent diffuser on your tree or whever you might want to hang them. Just put two or three drops of your favourite essential oil at the back of the bauble, and it will diffuse gently your favourite scent.


They are all completely unique and one-of-a-kind, and come in different designs including: small Seigaiha (wave), fan, "NOEL" sign, plain. All are supplied with an eco-friendly golden paper ribbon and will display a unique set of golden Kintsugi lines.


Sold as a single unit.

If you are absolutely keen on one design, please drop me a message with your order and I'll do my best to accomodate it.


Dimensions: height 7.5cm approx.


Black ceramic Kintsugi Christmas ornament

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