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A set a 5 dishes to put at the centre of your table for a sharing feast experience.


Made out of stoneware clay and comprising of one large wheelthrown serving platter or tray, one small dinner plate, two smaller side plates and one hand-built dipping bowl, all one of a kind. This could work for a lush tapas night, or as an antipasti feasting set !

They are all glazed with different wood ash glazes in earthy tones complementing one another and ranging from sunkissed sands

to cinnamon browns with curcuma and mossy greens highlights.



Plates: Diam 27cm, 20cm, 17cm, 13cm, H1-2cm approx.

Bowls: Diam 7.5cm, H6.5cm approx.

Feasting set (5 pieces)

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