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Made to order - Dispatch within 4 weeks (cups)/6 weeks (bowls)/8 weeks (plates)


Fukeī means “landscape “ in Japanese, as a nod to the abstracted sceneries appearing from the combination of brushed slip and glaze.


Natural stoneware clay from Puisaye in France.

Wood-ash glaze, hakeme brushing of a white clay or a wild clay slip.

Electric fired at 1220C.

Bowls and plates: exterior left unglazed

Cups: exterior partly glazed

Food safe, diswasher safe.


Available in 7 different clay/slip/glaze combinations.  All the colours can be mixed and matched:

Chocolate: wild slip on Treigny clay, suna ash glaze

Meringue: white slip on St Amand clay, kaki ash glaze

Honey: white slip on St Amand clay, suna ash glaze

Tiramisu: white slip on Treigny clay, suna ash glaze

Nutmeg: wild slip on Treigny clay, enoki ash glaze

Stracciatella: white slip on Treigny clay, kinoko ash glaze

Chai: white slip on Treigny clay, kaki ash glaze


Beware that there're might be slight variations from the photo with the cup(s) you'll receive. Due to the natural characteristics of this beautiful clay, the glazing outcome might differ slightly from one batch to another.


Available as:


Beaker cup: diam8cm H8.5cm approx. (thrown)

Bodega cup: diam9cm H6cm approx. (thrown)

Brew cup: diam8.5cm H8.5cm approx. (thrown)


Pudding bowl: diam13cm H5cm approx. (thrown)

Pasta bowl: diam19cm H5cm approx. (thrown)


Sauce plate: diam12cm H3cm (hand-built, organic rim)

Side plate: diam 17cm H1.5cm (hand-built, organic rim)

Dinner plate: diam 22cm H1.5cm (hand-built, organic rim)

Fūkei collection

Lead time for this product: 4/8 weeks
  • All pieces are handmade and therefore measurements are only indicative. All pieces are unique and therefore small variations in finish/colour/size/shape often happen between two similar looking pieces, especially those created as part of an ensemble. The shop will feature as many photographs as possible in the description of each piece, so my customer get a precise idea before ordering. But photographs do not reflect exactly the reality. Please be aware of this before placing an order.

    Sometimes, the piece you are sent will NOT be the piece shown on the website, but it will be a very similar looking one. I try not to embellish the photographs featured in the shop, but the real colour of each piece can sometimes be slightly different than the one on the photograph. Those variations in aspect are not considered flaws, but rather contribute to the organic character and unicity of each piece.

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