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A handleless tea cup modelled on Japanese yuomis. Wheelthrown out of stoneware clay and decorated with a mixture of slip and manganese metallic oxides on the outside. The inside is glazed with a satin white glaze while the outside is covered with a powdery transparent glaze.

Although this tea bowl is not designed for tea ceremonies, it makes a perfect cup to sip a matcha or any other teas.

Please note that model #3 is a little wider and shorter than the others.


Holds  250ml approx.

H8cm, Diam8.5cm approx.

Tea cup

  • All pieces are handmade and therefore measurements are only indicative. All pieces are unique and therefore small variations in finish/colour/size/shape often happen between two similar looking pieces, especially those created as part of an ensemble. The shop will feature as many photographs as possible in the description of each piece, so my customer get a precise idea before ordering. But photographs do not reflect exactly the reality. Please be aware of this before placing an order.

    Sometimes, the piece you are sent will NOT be the piece shown on the website, but it will be a very similar looking one. I try not to embellish the photographs featured in the shop, but the real colour of each piece can sometimes be slightly different than the one on the photograph. Those variations in aspect are not considered flaws, but rather contribute to the organic character and unicity of each piece.

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